Johnston Street sprawl

October 2017

Johnston Street sprawl

Careering down from Carlton's well-established dining scene, Johnston Street spans some of the most thriving creative hubs in Melbourne. Straight as a razor, it traces Fitzroy and Collingwood before arriving at arguably the most burgeoning outpost of them all, Abbotsford.

It's one of the major arteries connecting the native bushland of Studley Park and the Inner East to the CBD, but what makes the 2.5km of Johnston Street the unique lifestyle corridor it's become? We've walked the strip and found out for you.


Abbotsford is known for its innovative and engaged community. The rich cultural history of the area, coupled with its close proximity to the CBD have positioned it as a hotspot, attracting countless local businesses and creatives to Johnston Street.

These passionate locals are committed to continuing an enriched sense of community in the area by populating Johnston Street with artisanal boutiques, eateries, and bars.

Retailers and craftspeople such as Lott Studio, Dutch Vinyl and Native Home, House of Plants have increased the locale's foot traffic with an eclectic mix of homewares, music, and fashion while café's and eateries such as Admiral Cheng Ho, Rita's Cafeteria and SHU have revitalised Abbotsford's evening appeal.

Arts, music, and culture scene

Johnston Street has long had its own gravitational pull for Melbourne's music, arts and culture scene. As the street sprawls East it connects dozens of iconic live music venues such as The Old Bar, The Tote and Abbotsford's Yarra Hotel each adding to the suburbs edgy allure.

Every summer, thousands of punters flock to celebrate the Hispanic and Latin American Festival with live music, dance and food that transform the street into an inner-city fiesta. The repurposed Abbotsford Convent only furthers the suburb's cultural appeal with its flourishing gardens, galleries, and summer outdoor cinema.


No other road on the grid with a direct connection to the CBD culminates in lush Australian bushland quite the way this one does. At its easternmost point, Johnston Street unfolds into the peaceful walking paths, bike trails and birdsong of Yarra Bend and Studley Park.

On the banks of the Yarra River is the Collingwood Children's Farm, a working farm that grows fresh produce which is sold at the local farmers market, or crafted into mouth-watering meals at the farm's restaurant and café.

Johnston Street's continual revitalisation has been led by locals who have called this suburb home for decades. Pace Development Group is proud to partner with the community and lead the neighbourhood into a new era of growth with Pace of Abbotsford: an old soul, ready for new beginnings.