Peace of mind with Pace

December 2017

Peace of mind with Pace

From Monbulk to Melbourne's most up and coming hotspot. Why are regional purchasers swapping out the tree-change and investing in Pace of Abbotsford?

We spoke to Pace of Abbotsford purchaser, Louise to find out just that.

What interested you in Abbotsford as an area?

My husband and I used to live in Richmond and we loved the lifestyle. It was all so easily accessible.

We bought our first home out in Monbulk about eight years ago. It's a big property and has been great for us with a toddler, but we always had the intention of going back into the city and treating either the Monbulk property or the inner urban property as our secondary investment.

I like Abbotsford because it's not totally developed yet. There isn't as much bustle as Collingwood or Richmond so it's great for a young family like us, and it's so close to everything. We're two minutes' drive from the Eastern Freeway for work, and an 8 minute train ride to Flinders Street from Victoria Park Station.

Did you look at other developments in the area?

We looked at so many floor plans in the space of two months. Probably about 10 different projects in the Abbotsford, Collingwood and Fitzroy area. I was going floor plan mad!

We had a clear vision of what we wanted. We didn't want a two-bedroom shoe box with the rooms crammed up next to one another. We were looking for a space that would work for our family.

What set Pace of Abbotsford apart?

We met with Michael Zhang the week before the launch. The floor plans he showed us weren't just the standard; cookie cutter shapes other developers offer. They have distinctive configurations, bigger outdoor spaces, and they just feel so liveable.

I could tell within 30 seconds that I was interested, and from there our experience just kept getting better.

I love that I won't have to pay for a gym membership anymore because there's a gym on the roof. I love that there are communal spaces where my daughter can play, and she is going to freak out when she realises we live so close to the Collingwood Childrens Farm!

When it all boils down, it's the amenity of the location and the amenity of Pace of Abbotsford itself.

Can you describe your experience with Pace's customer service team?

It was fantastic. It was just so easy.

It's a big decision investing in off-the- plan. My husband and I are not the “risk taking,” type, but Michael and the Pace team have given us such confidence. They have gone over and above providing insights and support through the whole process.

We have heard so much positive word of mouth about Pace along the way as well. I really respect the way Pace takes responsibility for every aspect of their projects. It's all in house from design to sales and construction, and it's evident from their track record they're committed to you as a purchaser long after settlement.

What are you most looking forward to about your investment?

So much! We're excited about the lifestyle Pace of Abbotsford is going to afford us. We have peace of mind knowing that we have an investment in a growing neighbourhood. More than anything though, beyond just purchasing a property, we've purchased flexibility for our and our daughter's future. You can't put a price on that.