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Work at Pace of Abbotsford continues to roll on

June 2018

Check out what’s happening at our various sites in the June construction update

A cook's dream at Pace of Abbotsford.

April 2018

Now at 80% sold since launching in October last year, Pace of Abbotsford has proven a favourite for the suburb.

Pace of Abbotsford seeks help renaming lane

April 2018

The Pace of Abbotsford development has added a laneway to its list of resident's amenities, with the developer buying a right of way from the local council.

Development Update

March 2018

Welcome to the first in a new series of Development Updates from Pace Development Group.

Peace of mind with Pace

December 2017

From Monbulk to Melbourne's most up and coming hotspot. Why are regional purchasers swapping out the tree-change and investing in Pace of Abbotsford?

How to make money grow on trees

December 2017

As urban Melbourne adapts to accommodate the demands of a growing population, the necessity to cultivate and preserve green spaces has become paramount.

Behind the Façade: Restoring St Crispin

December 2017

What happens when a community focussed developer with a commitment to preservation and optimisation takes on the mantle of rejuvenating a local landmark?

Investing in a Project of The Future

November 2017

What does a cohesive approach to sustainability look like beyond environmental responsibility, and how can it generate greater yield for investors? This week we unpack Pace of Abbotsford's four pillars of sustainability

Knitting the past and future together

October 2017

SJB urban design director, Amanda Roberts has worked across Australia and internationally creating new ways of living through sustainable design...

Johnston Street sprawl

October 2017

Careering down from Carlton's well-established dining scene, Johnston Street spans some of the most thriving...

Local's guide to Abbotsford

October 2017

Abbotsford is proving itself to be the overachieving youngest child in the northside family. In case you haven't taken the time to explore the area heres an article written by The Urban List...